Soybean oilcake

Soybean oilcake — one of the products of farm animals` and poultry`s main ratio.  It is obtained after squeezing oil from soybean seeds during extrusion. (Not to be confused with soybean meal, which is made by different technology and different from the oilcake in fat and protein).

Soybean oilcake is used for high-grade animal feed and feed mixture. This high-quality ingredient allows us to achieve high results in fattening. Soybean protein is well absorbed by organism and it`s biological value is close to protein of animal origin.

The high content of energy and protein in oilcake allows to make high protein and high energetic ratio without the use of expensive fat. The inclusion of soybean oilcake in the dairy cows` ratio  (1-2 kg per head per day) increases the milk yield to 1.5-2.0 liters.

Laying hens egg production increases up to 22-30%, chicken growth increases by 7%,  pigs  — 5%, broilers` and pigs` body weight  increase up to 25-30% in comparison with the normal feeding.

Soybean oilcake meets the requirements of GOST 27149-95 (Fodder soybean oilcake) and has the following characteristics:

Receiving methodpressed
Smellsoybean meal, without foreign smell
ColorColor natural, from yellow to light brown
Mass fraction of crude protein,% 39-42
Mass fraction of fat,%7-8
Dry matter900
Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances,%7-10
Mass fraction of insoluble ash in 10% HCl (converted to absolutely dry sudstance),%4,5
Mass fraction of crude fiber (converted to absolutely dry sudstance ),%6-7
Digestible protein (cattle), g400
Digestible protein (sheep), g356,4
Exchange energy (cattle)12,9
Exchange energy (pigs)15,5
Exchange energy (sheep)11,72
Feed units1,35
Starch, g20
Sugar, g100
Methionine + cystine, g15,8
Biological extractive substances (BES), g297
Foreign mattermissing
Urease activity0,1-0,3
Metal impurity mass fraction, %missing