Soybean oil

Soybean oil is of bright, straw-yellow hue. It has a very sharp, specific flavor. Soybean oil is used in food only in refined form, obtained after pressing and extraction. After refining and deodorization the oil becomes transparent, with a delicate pink hue.

Soybean oil takes the leading place in world production among another vegetable oils.

Soybean oil is a source of lecithin, which is widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Soaps and various detergents, plastics, synthetic oils and dyes based on soybean oil are environment safe, getting into natural water reservoirs and soil, do not harm the environment.

This valuable oil is increasingly used for feeding pigs, mainly in unrefined form and becomes an integral part of  pigs` and breed-sows diets.

When feeding pigs with own or prepared mixtures containing soybean oil, high daily growth effects are achieved.

Name of IndicesActual Indices
Smell, tastea typical soybean oil without odor and taste
Color number, mg of iodine70
Acid number, mg0,60
Peroxidation numbers 1/2О mmol / kg0,15
Humidity, % 0, 20
Mass fraction of phosphorus compounds in terms of stearooleoletsytyn,%1,83

Quality  indicators conforms to ISO 4534: 2006